About Us

I named it by this name to be the source and home of all ancient and antiques in the world of all kinds and communication between the owners of this hobby among them in the world.

Applied Idea is a smart phones program and website Specialized for displaying and selling ancient and antiques around the world by displaying and requesting with images  and adding details of the desired piece by presentation and requesting .
And It is unique among the programs which it is the first of its kind ,and after searching by us we did not find a program identical or similar for it in specialization in ancient and antiques, and it features with Special option of chatting within the program to negotiate the way of sale and purchase, and the possibility of displaying and selling certificates of documentation for the antique piece.
The main purpose of the program is to show the antiques to people around the world,& inform people about the sources of the antiques and how to obtain it, and to gather those who have this hobby with each other and to help exchange experiences among the amateurs in this field.

We aspire that this program will be a guide for the world in its field.